The Revenue Performance Excellence Awards, aka “The Revvies,” recognize and celebrate customers and partners that are using Marketo to push outside the bounds of existing markets and away from their competition.  This year, we have 11 award categories which will recognize customers who are truly leaders and innovators in their space.   Winners will be celebrated on April 10th at the 2013 Marketo Summit.

Award Categories

  1. Most Successful Global Revenue Execution
  2. Most Dramatic Business Impact
  3. Exceptional Product Usage
  4. Most Dramatic Improvement from Switching to Marketo
  5. Most Innovative Integration with Marketo
  6. Most Impactful Use of Marketing Metrics
  7. Social Media Marketing Maven
  8. Most Dramatic Career Growth
  9. Outstanding Executive
  10. Partner Excellence
  11. LaunchPoint Evangelist
  12. Champion of the Year

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And the Winners are…

Most Successful Global Revenue Execution

Do you use Marketo in marketing and sales teams across the world? Describe your execution of Marketo across multiple regions and the successes you’ve achieved in terms of increase in revenue, global alignment, and overall business impact.

  • Navitas
Most Dramatic Business Impact

We’re looking for outstanding customers to share how Marketo has transformed or revolutionized their businesses. Describe the ROI you’ve experienced in terms of an improvement in number of qualified leads, lead conversion, deal size, win rate, customer acquisition costs, and /or sales cycle length. Also tell us how quickly you started to see results (in terms of days, weeks, or months).

This category has 4 sub-categories that you can submit for:

  • Enterprise – Vantiv
  • Small / Medium Business – SmartBear
  • Financial Services and Healthcare -  Crain Business Insurance
  • B2C – TASER International
Exceptional Product Usage

If you are fully utilizing all of the Marketo products and features, we’d love to hear your story. Share with us which features you are using, how you are using them, and the results you are seeing.

Most Dramatic Improvement from Switching to Marketo

Did you make the switch from another marketing automation and/or sales effectiveness vendor to take your revenue to the next level? Share with us why you invested in Marketo, the innovations you’ve achieved now that you’ve made the switch, and how this has impacted your organization.

  • SunGard Availability Services
Most Innovative Integration with Marketo

Have you created a custom integration between Marketo and another system? Share with us the problem you were trying to solve with the integration, how you accomplished the integration and how it helped your business.

  • New Relic
Most Impactful Use of Marketing Metrics

Do you find the analytics and reports in Marketo game changing? Tell us how the metrics and data you gain from Marketo are improving the visibility into your revenue funnel, and how you put those insights into action to fuel your growth.

  • RelayHealth
Social Media Marketing Maven

Have you seen success with the Marketo Social Marketing suite? Provide examples of the campaigns you are running and the victories you have seen in converting your social marketing efforts into real leads and opportunities.

  • Deluxe
Most Dramatic Career Growth

Have you been able to propel your career because of your expertise in Marketo? Share with us your tale of how Marketo helped you move up within your organization, or into a different company within the Marketo ecosystem.

  • Adam Waterson, PlanOn Software
Most Visionary Executive

Do you have an executive outside the marketing organization (VP of Sales, CIO, CFO, etc.) that you’d like to recognize as being especially supportive of your use of Marketo? Share with us how Marketo has impacted their line of business and how they have supported your marketing organization.

  • Angela Hills, Pinstripe
Partner Excellence

We want to recognize a partner who drives innovation and adoption of advanced functionality in their customer base, ultimately elevating the overall value of Marketo for the customer. Tell us how you encourage Marketo feature adoption within your accounts, how this has increased their company revenue, and driven ROI.

  • The Pedowitz Group
LaunchPoint Evangelist

We want to recognize a LaunchPoint ecosystem partner who has been an early advocate for the ecosystem and delivers an innovative solution to Marketo customers.  Tell us about your joint customers with Marketo and how they are using the solutions together side by side.

  • Kapost
Champion of the Year
  • Kimi Fowler of Hyland Software