Marketo Summit Highlights

We’ve heard you.  You want  strategic guidance, best practices, and detailed tips and tricks from your marketing automation provider, and we’ll have them for you at Marketo’s Summit 2012. You’ll walk away with unique ideas and real customer examples to help you ramp up your marketing performance and grow revenue.

Whether you are in executive management, marketing management, marketing/sales operations, creative services, or demand generation, you’re sure to find sessions that will give you real-world information you can use as soon as you get back to the office.   Marketo customers, executives and partners will share their secrets for:

  • World-class content generation
  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • Creating a fast-moving marketing funnel
  • Predictable revenue through analytics
  • Using Marketo beyond demand generation

No matter your experience or expertise, the Marketo Summit will help you become more successful in your pursuit for revenue — and career — growth!

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Summit Track Descriptions

Track 1: IMPROVE

Do you know which marketing programs are the most effective and which have the lowest ROI?  If you increase your marketing budget by 10% do you know what profits you’d generate? Can you credibly showcase marketing’s impact to your board of directors or top executives?

The most common answer is – “I don’t know.”

Learn how to accurately answer these questions while improving your impact on your company’s revenue.  Learn to optimize investments across sales and marketing, improve marketing’s contribution to your top and bottom lines and increase predictability by accurately forecasting pipeline.

Track 2: ALIGN

Marketing technology alone can’t improve marketing performance.  That’s why process change and training must accompany marketing automation adoption.

See how customers have applied innovative best practices to drive highly successful Marketo implementations, gain greater productivity, and foster sales and marketing alignment.  Topics include global rollout strategies, integration to external systems, defining operational service level agreements, how to build out a revenue cycle and much more.

Track 3: REACH

Explore new, cool ways to reach, excite and engage customers. Learn creative tips and the latest tricks to add more value to your marketing activities and take care of your customers like never before. Discover how to optimize social media, video, and multi-channel marketing to ensure impactful results.

Marketo customers and experts will share best practices that will help you add snap and pizazz to content and campaigns to better engage your audiences and reach further to extend your brand.

Track 4: EXECUTE

Master the capabilities to improve lead generation, campaign management and overall marketing processes.  From basic concepts to advanced operations guidance, this track will give you actionable tips and tricks to make your marketing more effective and impactful.

Get an inside view to how customers and experts are getting the most out of their marketing programs,  helping you to gain insights on how your organization can get the most out of the Marketo solution.