Date: May 23rd

Time: 3:45 PM

Time: (50 minutes)

Grand Ballroom A


Sandra Freeman

Marketo Special Projects


Kelly Waffle

Director, Account Strategy


The RPM Benchmark – Your One-Two Punch for Success!

Learn the best practices of companies with the highest growth and most productive revenue engines. Through a review of the Marketo 2012 Revenue Performance Management (RPM) benchmark and its process, you will learn the different stages of RPM maturity, how your company compares to industry standards, and how you can take your company to the next level.  You will get benchmarks and best practices to help you grow the number and quality of your leads and opportunities, improve your sales productivity, and optimize your sales and marketing ROI.  Join us for this fast-paced session and dare to compare and optimize, your one-two punch for success!

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