Date: May 23rd

Time: 2:45 PM

Time: (50 minutes)

Grand Ballroom B


Jon Miller

VP of Marketing & Cofounder


Marketo On Marketing, A Behind the Scenes Look

Get a never before seen look into the ROI driven social media campaigns, content marketing, and revenue performance strategies that are powering Marketo’s best-in-class growth.  Listen in as co-founder of Marketo, Jon Miller, highlights real-life campaigns and demonstrates how Marketo leverages its own solutions to maximize marketing performance through advanced sales and marketing strategies, effective content marketing and automated demand generation and social marketing campaigns. In addition, he will divulge which marketing channels deliver the greatest ROI for Marketo and  share best practices in lead nurturing and lead scoring to drive higher qualified leads and provide insights into forecasting to demonstrate marketing’s impact on revenue using analytics.

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