Date: May 23rd

Time: 1:55 PM

Time: (35 minutes)

Grand Ballroom B


Andy MacMillan

SVP, Products for

Beth Cossette

Senior Marketing Manager


Keynote: Why Social Matters for Lead Generation,

Research shows that more people use social media than email.   Social has changed the marketing landscape forever.  In this new marketing world, customers’ expectations and the rate of communications have all changed. In addition roles of individuals in an organization are changing.  In this presentation we will discuss the changing landscape for marketers, how social is accretive to pipe generation, and how they can harness new tools achieve social success.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to Leverage the Social for Marketing Ideas
  • The Balance between Social and Traditional Tools
  • How to use social with marketing automation
  • The role of data throughout this whole process.
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