Date: May 23rd

Time: 1:15 PM

Time: (40 minutes)

Grand Ballroom B


Lori Wizdo

Principal Analyst


Keynote: The Lead-to-Revenue Management Zeitgeist, Forrester

The Lead-to-Revenue Management Zeitgeist

When your peers approach Forrester Research with inquiries about Lead-to-Revenue Management (L2RM), they are wrestling with the tougher challenges.  They have questions about how to set strategy and goals, how to define and structure processes, how to manage change, and much more.  In this presentation, Ms. Wizdo will reprise the client inquiries that Forrester fielded in the two quarter – along with the advice that Forrester has given.  The inquiries, along with data from Forrester’s Q4, 2011 Marketing Operations and Investment Survey, reveal the baseline of current practice, so you can assess your own L2RM maturity.   Forrester’s insight and advice can help you get started, or move faster, with fewer slip-ups, on your own journey — whether you’re implementing, refining, or automating the L2RM process.

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