Date: May 24th

Time: 10:20 AM

Time: (50 minutes)

Imperial B


Melissa McCready

Marketing Automation Expert

CRM Happy

Carly Guarcello

Marketing Specialist

Joyent, Inc

Justin England

Vice President, Business Development


Campaign Follow Up – What to Do with a Lead?

What are the best practices for tradeshow/event management using Marketo? Are you sending a pre-show invite to your booth including a link to your post-show webinar? How are you managing the tradeshow where you can report on ROI? How are those leads being passed to sales to effectively work? Learn from customers who have perfected the pre and post-show best practices on when to send, what to send, setting up a webinar using Marketo, and how to set up the processes up in a wayto capture quality information to then pass to sales to increase your tradeshow pre and post show activities.

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