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Advanced Nurturing Deep Dive

Speakers: Brian Wood (Radisys), Doug Wotherspoon (Algonquin College), Rajiv Kapoor (Marketo)

Time: May 23rd at 2:45pm

If you are looking for advanced techniques for your nurturing campaigns, this session is for you. Learn how marketers are pushing the envelope in their industries with innovative early, mid and late stage processes that push leads through the revenue funnel faster.

Basic Nurturing & Scoring

Speakers: Jeff Coveney (Application Security), Steve Susina (Crain Communications), Bryan Ehrenfreund (Televerde)

Time: May 24th at 8:00am

Want to set up your lead nurturing and scoring programs but not sure where to start? Learn the best practices, steps and strategies that went into setting up these star customers’ programs.

Best Practices for salesforce.com Integration

Speakers: Stephanie Worthington (Coraid), Kim Stites (CPP), Jep Castelein (Marketo)

Time: May 24th at 10:20am

You know that salesforce.com integration can expand the effectiveness of your sales and marketing process—but are you taking full advantage of the latest and greatest features? Do you know how to make the most of the integration functionality that’s now available? Join this session for tips, best practices, and tricks to optimize your organization’s integration between Marketo and salesforce.com.

Campaign Follow Up – What to Do with a Lead?

Speakers: Melissa McCready (CRM Happy), Carly Guarcello (Joyent, Inc), Justin England (ReachForce)

Time: May 24th at 10:20am

What are the best practices for tradeshow/event management using Marketo? Are you sending a pre-show invite to your booth including a link to your post-show webinar? How are you managing the tradeshow where you can report on ROI? How are those leads being passed to sales to effectively work? Learn from customers who have perfected the pre and post-show best practices on when to send, what to send, setting up a webinar using Marketo, and how to set up the processes up in a wayto capture quality information to then pass to sales to increase your tradeshow pre and post show activities.

Engaging with Cross Channel Marketing

Speakers: Maria Pergolino (Marketo), Tricia Reilly (VMWare), Loretta Jones (Echosign)

Time: May 23rd at 3:45pm

The days of relying purely on email blasts or single ad campaigns are gone. Successful marketers recognize they have to engage customers through multiple customer-facing channels, reaching them with relevant messages at the right time, over the right channels and with the appropriate frequency based on customer needs. Hear real-life case studies of how Marketo customers used an intelligent blend of inbound and outbound techniques to close deals.

Engaging Your Customers Using Dynamic Content & Personalized URLs

Speakers: Chris Russell (Marketo), Drew Sollberger (Socialware), Cristina Vetere (Marketo)

Time: May 24th at 11:20am

Want to learn how to create personalized, relevant email communications and landing pages with ease and simplicity? Join us to hear from leading marketers about how they have improved segmentation, expanded reusability of their assets and enhanced campaign ROI by using advanced dynamic content.

How to Design a ‘Revenue Cycle’ and Why It’s Important

Speakers: Tracy Eiler (Cloud9 Analytics), Michael Berger (McGraw-Hill Higher Education), Maneeza Aminy (Marketo)

Time: May 23rd at 11:10am

Don’t let potential customers end up in “lead purgatory.” In this session, learn how to implement SLA stages wherever possible to ensure your leads either flow forward or are recycled back to marketing. Learn to keep your inventory stages to a minimum so that prospective customers don’t sit idle.

Keynote: Secrets of Success in a Brave New World

Speaker: Sue Bostrom (Cisco Systems)

Time: May 23rd at 9:40am

In her keynote, Bostrom will answer the question, “What does it really mean to be successful in a brave new world?” Bostrom will also provide personal examples of what works in marketing, as well as her experiences in how to scale a business for global success

Keynote: Why Social Matters for Lead Generation, Salesforce.com

Speakers: Andy MacMillan (Salesforce.com), Beth Cossette (CenturyLink)

Time: May 23rd at 1:55pm

Research shows that more people use social media than email. Social has changed the marketing landscape forever. In this new marketing world, customers’ expectations and the rate of communications have all changed. In addition roles of individuals in an organization are changing. In this presentation we will discuss the changing landscape for marketers, how social is accretive to pipe generation, and how they can harness new tools achieve social success.

Keynote: Marketing & Sales in a Brave New World

Speaker: Phil Fernandez (Marketo)

Time: May 23rd at 9:00am

Global technological, cultural and media changes have forever transformed the process of buying and selling. Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez will unveil his strategies for thriving in this new world, as revealed in his new book, Revenue Disruption. He’ll also give you an inside look at exciting developments at Marketo, including our recent acquisition of Crowd Factory, and innovative new products and services designed to meet your needs as a 21st Century revenue professional.

Keynote: The Impact of Revenue Cycle Modeling, LeadMD & OraMetrix

Speakers: Justin Gray (LeadMD), Dan DeSilva (OraMetrix)

Time: May 24th at 9:00am

Many organizations build a revenue model and somewhere it gets lost during execution. Dan De Silva and Justin Gray will take you from inception to execution to success in a front to back model of success that is driving results. See how the idea of a streamlined and scalable revenue model literally determines day-to-day marketing decisions and drives prospects through a well-planned path that allows vision into predictive metrics. This is a must see.

Keynote: The Journey to Revenue Marketing Transformation™, The Pedowitz Group & Acquisio

Speakers: Debbie Qaqish (The Pedowitz Group), Alexandre Pelletier (Acquisio)

Time: May 23rd at 10:20am

Marketing’s accountability for revenue is on the front of every executive’s mind. How do marketing organizations transform from being perceived as a cost center to becoming an integral part of the revenue engine? Join Debbie to examine how customers are managing strategy, people, process, technology, content and results on their journey to revenue marketing transformation.

Keynote: The Lead-to-Revenue Management Zeitgeist, Forrester

Speaker: Lori Wizdo (Forrester)

Time: May 23rd at 1:15pm

When your peers approach Forrester Research with inquiries about Lead-to-Revenue Management (L2RM), they are wrestling with the tougher challenges. They have questions about how to set strategy and goals, how to define and structure processes, how to manage change, and much more. In this presentation, Ms. Wizdo will reprise the client inquiries that Forrester fielded in the two quarter – along with the advice that Forrester has given. The inquiries, along with data from Forrester’s Q4, 2011 Marketing Operations and Investment Survey, reveal the baseline of current practice, so you can assess your own L2RM maturity. Forrester’s insight and advice can help you get started, or move faster, with fewer slip-ups, on your own journey — whether you’re implementing, refining, or automating the L2RM process.

Lunch Speaker: Destroying the 7 Myths of B2B Social Media

Speaker: Jay Baer (Convince & Convert)

Time: May 23rd at 12:00pm

Social media isn’t just for Coke, McDonalds, and Old Spice. Social and content strategist and author Jay Baer will crush the misconceptions about social media for B2B in this rousing, hype-free, high-energy session.

Marketo On Marketing, A Behind the Scenes Look

Speaker: Jon Miller (Marketo)

Time: May 23rd at 2:45pm

Get a never before seen look into the ROI driven social media campaigns, content marketing, and revenue performance strategies that are powering Marketo’s best-in-class growth. Listen in as co-founder of Marketo, Jon Miller, highlights real-life campaigns and demonstrates how Marketo leverages its own solutions to maximize marketing performance through advanced sales and marketing strategies, effective content marketing and automated demand generation and social marketing campaigns. In addition, he will divulge which marketing channels deliver the greatest ROI for Marketo and share best practices in lead nurturing and lead scoring to drive higher qualified leads and provide insights into forecasting to demonstrate marketing’s impact on revenue using analytics.

Marketo Revenue Performance Excellence Awards Ceremony

Speaker: Jason Holmes (Marketo)

Time: May 24th at 9:30am

The Revenue Performance Excellence Awards, aka “The Revvies,” recognize and celebrate customers and partners that are using Marketo to push outside the bounds of existing markets and away from their competition. This year, we have 11 award categories which will recognize customers who are truly leaders and innovators in their space.  Attend this keynote to [...]

Marketo Sales Insight: Tales from Sales

Speakers: Michael Robertson (Egencia), Ryan Bott (Fusion-io), Patrick Donnelly (Marketo), Lise' McCarthy (Steel Brick)

Time: May 23rd at 2:45pm

Want to boost your sales team’s productivity? In this session, learn about best practices in deploying Marketo Sales Insight direct from the front lines and gain secrets to making your sales representatives wildly successful. You’ll hear from sales executives at Fusion-IO, Egencia and Marketo on their rollout of Marketo Sales Insight and how they are using the product to gain real-time insight and empower their teams to close deals faster.

Maximize ROI: Extending the Value of Marketo Through Integration

Speakers: Ryan Nichols (Podio), Rupert Schmidtberg (TimeTrade), Yves de Montcheuil (Talend), Erik Rehn (Marketo), David Pitta (BrightTALK), Henry Schuck (DiscoverOrg), Rahul Pathak (Kwanzoo), Angelo Matheou (Marketo)

Time: May 24th at 11:20am

Now that you’re up-and-running, are you achieving maximum value from Marketo and its integration capabilities? Hear from customers on how they are integrating with 3rd party platforms in a unique ways that allows them to get even more ROI out of Marketo.

Meet Our New Products!

Speaker: Alexander Mouldovan (Marketo)

Time: May 23rd at 11:10am

Since Marketo acquired Crowd Factory in April, we’ve been hard at work to deliver the world’s first integrated solution for Social Marketing Automation. Together, we’re breaking social marketing from its usual silo, making it an integrated and integral part of every online marketing initiative.  Come and see how you can amplify and measure social-enabled campaigns [...]

Product Team Presents: Customer Love Release

Speakers: Cheryl Chavez (Marketo), Erik Rehn (Marketo), Alexander Mouldovan (Marketo)

Time: May 24th at 11:20am

Get an in depth view of Marketo’s upcoming Customer Love release from the Marketo Product team. We’ve gathered your requests from the Marketo Community and are excited to announce…

Sales & Marketing Alignment with Marketo

Speakers: Jennifer O'Brien (Egencia), Michael Robertson (Egencia), Ben Lillie (QlikView), Koka Sexton (InsideView)

Time: May 23rd at 4:45pm

Your Marketing strategy is more important than ever. It is no longer sufficient to just automate sales and marketing specific functions, it’s about connecting all the interactions across those functions into a unified revenue organization. Come to this session to learn how to successfully align sales and marketing and how Marketo’s complete Revenue Performance Management solution can help your organization develop a successful cross channel revenue strategy.

Secrets To A Successful Lead Qualification Team

Speakers: Anne Lannan (LogRhythm), Jon Miller (Marketo)

Time: May 23rd at 3:45pm

Are you investing in the right sales resources? In this session, discover a Marketo customer’s model for building an inside sales organization though the use of Sales Development Representatives to support a predicable sales pipeline and create a monthly target of Sales Qualified leads.

Shorten Lead Cycles and Reduce Touches Leveraging Customer Data

Speakers: Ben Stein (Data.com), Jamie Domenici (Data.com)

Time: May 23rd at 4:45pm

Want to learn how to make your leads in Salesforce perform even better? Data.com will share 3 tactics, from basic to advanced, that will change how you approach lead collection and management. Leave with tactics to ensure that you are moving your leads to sales faster, all while keeping them up to date throughout the nurture track.

Testing With The Stars

Speakers: Rick Siegfried (Marketo), Kate Antheil Boyd (Caring.com), Heidi Hogan (Vindicia), David Castro (Kaseya)

Time: May 23rd at 4:45pm

A/B and multivariate testing can – on average – help lead generation marketers get 40% more leads from their current Web traffic. E-commerce marketers can expect a 20-25% sales lift if they do a round of tests.Yet, today fewer than 40% of marketers do any tests at all. Join in a real “Testing with the Stars” game and learn how to best optimize your marketing efforts.

The Down Line: Marketing Revenue Attribution with Complex Sales Models

Speakers: Justin Gray (LeadMD), Rachelle Kerr (Lattice Semiconductor)

Time: May 23rd at 3:45pm

Supporting centralized marketing efforts through channel distribution sales is no easy feat. In this session we will reveal best practices around lead source attribution, sales follow up and revenue tracking throughout the sales chain. With a combination of Marketo and Salesforce.com CRM a centralized marketing team can overcome the challenges around traditional channel sales and achieve a scalable process that promotes usage and growth.

The Importance of Developing a Global Rollout Strategy Around Marketing Automation

Speakers: Jane Gibson (Kimberly-Clark), Ashley Brucker (Marketo), Steven Lewis (MarketBridge)

Time: May 23rd at 2:45pm

Considering going global with Marketo – expanding your existing implementation? Come learn from Marketo customers who have rolled Marketo out to their global marketing and sales teams. We’ll focus on creating the right processes and roll out plan, privacy and security considerations, and general governance.

Three Steps to Accelerate Revenues from Existing Customers

Speakers: Dominique Levin (Totango), Jeff Wiss (Zendesk)

Time: May 24th at 11:20am

Customers are using Marketo’s technology for much more than closing new deals. They are also using it to nurture their current customer base to score and nurture clients for upsell opportunities and renewals. Find out their secrets for success in turning the customer lifecycle into a revenue machine. Dominique Levin, CMO at Totango will present a three-step program to revenue acceleration using existing customer marketing. In addition, Jeff Wiss, Vice President Demand Generation from Zendesk will present mind-blowing customer marketing campaigns that are boosting revenues for Zendesk.

Tips for Achieving Success with Marketo

Speakers: Bethany Perkins (Pinstripe), Tara Salmon (Aconex), Eric Choi (Eucalyptus Systems), Janet Driscoll Miller (Search Mojo), Kelly Abner (Marketo)

Time: May 24th at 8:00am

Want to know how other businesses are using Marketo for success? Get ready for a rapid-fire session in which four customers will highlight how they’re using Marketo Revenue Performance Management to grow their business. You’ll walk away with dozens of best practices you can implement immediately.

Using SOAP API to Integrate with Marketo

Speakers: Dan Soschin (American Public University System), Yves de Montcheuil (Talend), Erik Rehn (Marketo), Jonathan Beaton (iDatix Corporation), Angelo Matheou (Marketo)

Time: May 23rd at 3:45pm

Are you using the Marketo SOAP API to integrate with other CRM systems? Successful Marketo integration projects require collaboration between IT and business users to fully understand business process requirements and considerations as well as technological challenges. In this session, customers share business and technical best practices for integration, drawing on insights gained from real-life integration projects.

Welcome to the Era of Customer Engagement

Speaker: Paul Greenberg (The 56 Group, LLC)

Time: May 24th at 10:20am

As the 21st century continues to march on, when it comes to business, there is one thing for sure. More than ever you have to engage customers.  But what does that actually mean? How do you actually do it? What does a business have to think about to make it happen and not go broke [...]