“The Revvies”

The Revenue Performance Excellence Awards, aka “The Revvies,” recognize and celebrate customers and partners that are using Marketo to push outside the bounds of existing markets and away from their competition. This year, we have 11 award categories which will recognize customers who are truly leaders and innovators in their space. Winners will be celebrated on May 24th, 2012 at the Marketo User Summit.


A Big Congratulations to our Revvie Award Winners!

Most Successful Global RPM Execution

Do you use Marketo in marketing and sales teams across the world? Describe your execution of Marketo across multiple regions and the successes you’ve achieved in terms of increase in revenue, global alignment, and overall business impact.

  • Citrix

Most Dramatic Business Impact

We’re looking for outstanding customers to share how Marketo has transformed or revolutionized their businesses. Describe the ROI you’ve experienced in terms of an improvement in number of qualified leads, lead conversion, deal size, win rate, customer acquisition costs, and /or sales cycle length. Also tell us how quickly you started to see results (in terms of days, weeks, or months).

  • B2B – TheLadders
  • Financial Services – Brinker Capital
  • Healthcare – Christiana Care Health System
  • B2C – Algonquin College

Most Innovative Revenue Engine

Describe an especially creative way in which you used Marketo to increase revenue at your organization or revolutionized the way your business operates. This can include examples of how you’ve made organizational changes between sales & marketing, how you’ve improved that relationship, and/or how you’ve re-architected your revenue funnel in a unique way.

  • Rackspace

Most Dramatic Improvement from Switching to Marketo

Did you make the switch from another marketing automation and/or sales effectiveness vendor to take your revenue to the next level? Share with us why you invested in Marketo, the innovations you’ve achieved now that you’ve made the switch, and how this has impacted your organization.

  • CPP

Most Innovative Integration with Marketo

Have you created a custom integration between Marketo and another system? Share with us the problem you were trying to solve with the integration, how you accomplished the integration and how it helped your business.

  • Podio

Most Impactful Use of Marketing Metrics

Do you find the analytics and reports in Marketo game changing? Tell us how the metrics and data are improving the visibility into your revenue funnel, and how you put those insights into action to fuel your growth.

  • MobileIron

Social Media Marketing Maven

Have you created social programming that yielded incredible results? Share with us your campaign(s) and the successes you have seen in converting social marketing efforts into real leads and opportunities. Bonus points if you are you tracking these campaigns with Marketo.

  • ELT

Best Use of Marketo to Impact Your Community

Is your not-for-profit organization using Marketo to impact your local community? Share with us how you are innovating your industry and using Marketo in an interesting, fresh way. Also tell us about any measurable results you’ve seen since implementing Marketo.

  • Connect for Education

Most Dramatic Career Growth From Using Marketo

Have you been able to propel your career because of your expertise in Marketo? Share with us your tale of how Marketo helped you move up within your organization, or into a different company within the Marketo ecosystem.

  • Meaghan Fitzgerald, Bullseyehub

Best Business Growth Through Spark by Marketo

Are you a new Spark customer who is already seeing incredible success? Tell us how the product has impacted your business, the wins that you have experienced thus far, and what areas of the business you are able to focus on now that you have a sophisticated marketing automation system in place.

  • CentraStage

Partner Excellence

We want to recognize a partner who drives innovation and adoption of advanced functionality in their customer base, ultimately elevating the overall value of Marketo for the customer. Tell us how you encourage Marketo feature adoption within your accounts, how this has increased their company revenue, and driven ROI.

  • The Pedowitz Group

“The Revenue Performance Excellence Award winners are thought-leading organizations who are using RPM to truly shake up their industries and change the world. Through their cutting-edge uses of Marketo, they’re seeing dramatically improved productivity across the entire revenue cycle. We are extremely proud of their achievements and look forward to many years of working with them as they continue to innovate with Marketo.”

- Paul Albright, Chief Revenue Officer, Marketo